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Thread: RSS/Podcast & FF2

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    RSS/Podcast & FF2

    I've never looked into all these RSS things before, an dfrankly I'm confused. I thought the whole point was that it was easy and intuitive. Yet as a very experienced PC user I have no idea what I'm supposed to do, or even what is supposed to happen if I did!

    I'm trying to subscribe to podcasts from
    I understood that somehow I should be able to easily set it up so that anytime a new podcast becomes available, either I am notified, and maybe it automatically downloads to my PC. But after trying with both FF's built in thing and the Wizz RSS add-on, nothing happens. I get new folders added to my bookmarks, but they seem to always be empty.

    Is it this complicated, because they promote it as if everyone knows what to do?!

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    ok, after some time trying to navigate the site, I agree it is a little confusing.

    Go To

    Here you need to choose which RSS feed you want to subscribe to e.g. Main Radio 1 RSS feed.

    If you open this in Firefox, then a control panel on the web page opens, asking how you want to subscribe...

    * Select Live Bookmark feed. This creates a set of bookmarks on your toolbars...

    Then all you need to do is click which sub-item in that list, and it will go directly to that page...

    From this new page, you select what you want to do.. i.e. Download Podcast, Listen Live, Watch Videos etc etc

    Now, let me know if you use an external RSS program as the instructions are different. Discard if not.

    Cheers, good luck!

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