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Thread: Crossover Connection Help

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    Crossover Connection Help

    Hey, I just set up a connection between two computers, and only one computer can connect to the other, but not visa versa.

    Computer 1 has no firewall, and can connect to the other computer,
    Computer 2 has a firewall, but cannot connect even with the firewall completely disabled. I have tried re-starting, re-setting up the network, and re-installing the drivers after a full un-install on computer 2, but nothing seems to work...

    When i run cmd and ping computer 1 from computer 2 however, all the packets return fine...

    If i run cmd then ping computer 2 from computer 1, it times out...

    Also if i share a folder on comp 2, and set it to allow users to allow changes, then use comp 1 to send files to the shared folder, it also works...

    Any suggestions?

    EDIT: the network name was "Local Area Connection" on Comp 1, and "Local Area Connection 4" on Comp 2, after renaming the connection on Comp 2, the problem was fixed. I will post if anything happens again. For now, it;s Resolved.
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