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    Drag'n Drop

    When I attempt to update some files to my DVD+RW, Drag'n Drop asks me if I want to rewrite to the old file and when I say yes, it comes back and says it has not updated and indicates code 011-02-1048. Anyone have any ideas. I've already done a System Restore but no luck. Have also ensured shell.dll is in C:\Windows\System32\folder.

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    Are you writing to RW media or R media? If you are writing to R media (ex CD-R) windows is reporting that it is not possible to overwrite the file. You can however using the multiple use method, copy the updated version of the same file to the media.

    If you want to actually rewrite the file you will have to use RW media.
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    also has the temp files from maybe the last time you dragged files to your dvdr been deleted. because they store them on the hard drive as cached files before writing to the dvd.

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