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Thread: HD-DVD/Blu-ray Decryption Key Widely Posted Online

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    HD-DVD/Blu-ray Decryption Key Widely Posted Online

    The Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administrator (AACSLA), which licenses the copy control technology that's supposed to secure HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs, has embarked on what appears to be a quixotic quest: trying to un-publish the number that nullifies its digital lock.

    The number in question, a 128-bit integer, is the "processing key" that decrypts HD-DVD and Blu-ray video so it ca...


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    They have been calling this the Diggstorm of the year! lol... all the posts nearly DDoS !

    The key is posted on many of their comments, but the trick is to find the link to the 'edited' wiki page to get the backup utilities. LOL...

    Some are saying the Format war is over.. but this decyption 'works' on blu-ray and HD-DVD.... so ??

    Anyway, until better / added content is available, no point in replacing your DVD collection

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