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Thread: Replacing parts on my laptop?

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    Replacing parts on my laptop?

    My Averatec AV3225HS laptop was manufactured in 2004 and it gets lots of use. I'd like to keep it running as long as possible.

    Can I buy a new fan and hard drive for it? Do I have to special order them from Averatec, or can I get them from a local computer chain store? Also is there anything else that needs to be replaced, stuff that typically wears out?


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    Not sure on that specific model, but most times, good searches on eBay can net you some secondhand models that you can scrap for parts... generally fans and the palm rests get the most wear & tear, and also the LCD hinges.

    But spare HDs, CD drives would be handy...

    Next best bet is batteries! get lots of CMOS batteries, and a couple of main batteries for the actual laptop.

    that should keep you for a while.. oh, also get a spare AC Adaptor, these have a habit of failing too!

    else, use the tax break and get a new laptop every few years!

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