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Thread: help with C# or C++

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    help with C# or C++

    Ok, I am trying a lot of crazy things
    I think I would like to do a program in c# or C++ that can calculate Average Talk Time, from a pasted source.
    The pasted source looks like:
    0041628321700 4785tue 15:060:04:31X4784tue 14:450:04:42X0041628321700 4785tue 14:270:04:47X
    where the first time is 0:04:31 (after tue 15:06)
    So as you can see the source is a mess with no format, and no separators.
    This should be something quite simple for an good programmer, but I am no programmer at all, just brave.
    As I can see, I need to first delimit the fields. In the example are :
    Number: 0041628321700
    Queue: 4785
    Time: tue 15:06
    Duration: 0:04:31
    so, I was thinking of making something that can ad the duration time and divide it by the number of calls (as long as the call does not belong to Call out queue) and maybe present the information organized in screen for the user so he/she can save it as a record.
    This is a personal idea project that other people here could use. It seems I am the only one crazy enought to even think about doing it.
    Any help or pointer???

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    We use a program at my work place that doses all of the call monitoring. It allows you to keep track of how many calls are waiting, average call length and so on. It also has real time statistic so you can monitor it in real time, in addition it has a pretty nice reporting feature that is completely customizable to what ever reporting needs you may have.

    We use BCMS VU software.

    As for C# and C++ programming Iím still very much a rookie in this field. Personal I only have little over a year training so far.

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    we use a call monitoring software as well, but it is a specially written one.
    We use the average talk time to calculate bonuses so it is kind of important to be able to see at any time what att you have in a given time.
    The best way that I could see, was to use the history function (call log) to export and calculate att acording to what the user manually selected

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    Your best bet might to actually import the history file into Excel, and use the filtering options to "SPACE" delimit the data, and insert into the right columns...

    then you could make a MACRO to do the selection and calculation, or even edit some the VBA scripts from the macro modules.

    How many records would you normally want to correlate? If only 12 or so, then hand calculation would suffice.

    Or did you want to make something, and roll it out?

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