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Thread: Router isues on small XP network

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    Router isues on small XP network

    We have 2 XP Home PCs connected to a small 4-port router, which is also our broadband modem. Most of the time it works great - the PCs can see each other, we can both use the internet, share the printer, etc.

    Every now and then it goes wrong. We still have internet connectivity but only to normal web pages. GMail doesn't work, Outlook can't send emails, MSNMessenger can't connect, I can't upload files to a website, etc. These problems are identical on both PCs. We have our original Broadband modem which allows one PC to connect to the web and this always works, which leads us to be sure it is a router issue. Restarting the router or turning it off for a while normally fixes the problem, which tends to occur every 1 or two weeks. Normally, the router stays on the whole time.

    Can anyone suggest a solution? I'm tempted to think the router is just faulty (I think it's a Belkin something but would have to check if it matters) but I sure don't want to buy another one since ones with built in modems aren't that cheap!

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    I have a Belkin that rocks! Possibly look for a firmware update for it, or it's always possible that it needs to be replaced. Depending on model I believe you can also perform a "Master reset" from within the router software.

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