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Thread: Good hardware experience

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    Good hardware experience

    A couple weeks ago my Minolta 1350w laser printer rolled over and died. The laser unit went went out. I bought that printer during a model change for $50 after rebate. That ment that it was smarter to buy a new printer than to attempt to fix the old one. I purchased a Samsung ML-2510 a fast monochrome that gives the first page in 5 to 8 seconds and 25 per minute after that.

    The ML-2510 is listed as "network ready". Silly me, I thought that ment that all you had to do was run an ethernet cable from router to printer. Apparently you can, but only after purchasing an adapter from Samsung.

    What to do? I did an inventory and spotted an old usb print server which I had never been able to make work. My router was full so I ordered a 5 port switch for $9.95 from Tiger Direct. It turned out that the print server and switch were both TRENDnet products. I connected the printer to print server, the print server to the switch and the switch to the router. The lights on the print server and the switch flashed a couple times and stableized. Not expecting anything to happen, on my windows machine, I opened my email selected a message and clicked the print button. The printer immediately fired up and printed the document.

    I then moved to one of my XandrOS machines. I went to the Control Center and selected Printers and then clicked the add button. The new printer showed up as available. I clicked on add and a window opened and asked if I wanted to print a test document. On selecting yes the printer started and printed the page.

    It could not have been any easier.
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    EFC I have been using the ML 2010 and its been absolutely troublefree. I had an old box that I threw xp on and am using it as a printserver for the samsung and my canon photo printer. and youre correct my xandros box picked it up like a treat.

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    Good experience and alternative thinking.. what was the quote for the Samsung Network Card? Expensive right!? lol..

    Cheap USB routers, print server hubs are great value!

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