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Thread: Firefox ad-blocker extension causes angst

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    Firefox ad-blocker extension causes angst

    A Web site owner has blocked Firefox users from accessing his site in protest of a popular browser extension that blocks text and display ads.

    Firefox users who go to are redirected to Why Firefox is Blocked, which says the Adblock Plus extension undercuts Web sites dependant on advertising revenue.



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    He has a point though I wouldn't go so far as to calling it "no less than stealing". My site (now owned by a domain squatter) was ad supported, but it was still the visitor's option to donate a click. Those who used adblock, blocked the banner ad - and google wouldn't let me mention anything about the banner ad to encourage visitors to click to support. Consequently, he ratio of visitor's clicking was horrible. However, they opted out to begin with and wouldn't click ads anyway.

    By blocking Firefox, he effectively put up an even bigger blocker than adblock - his entire site! Cutting your nose off to spite your face?
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