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Thread: Need very low priced RAM for my old computer...

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    Need very low priced RAM for my old computer...

    Hello...I need additional RAM for my 7 year old computer to see if it'll pick up speed and hope to find one for under $30 as I don't know how much longer it may last, although otherwise it works perfectly!

    This is what was configured and recommended by online stores:
    PC100 256MB SDRAM DIMM 168 Pin, 32 x 64, CL2, Unbuffered (dont need ECC), 3.3 Volt, Low Density (16x8) 16 chip.

    This is my computer:
    Dell Dimension XPS T450

    Here's 2 out of tons other RAMS I searched to find the right one at an affordable price:

    KAHLON Part #: KDEL786, $29 free ship:

    ALLMEMORYUPGRADES.COM (Micron?) $37+5 = $42

    What's your opinion of Kahlon brand? And of Micron? Because said to ask for Micron if I wanted it, when ordering. Many people strongly advised to buy ONLY brand name...while others swore by the generic... What to do??? All I know is that it took me a whole lot less time to buy my computer 7 years ago than this blessed little piece of metal!!! )

    It will be most appreciated if anyone could give me some suggestions please? Thanks ever SO much! Adela

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    Micron is a chip maker, they're one of the best (Crucial).

    Go to Crucial and push the "Scan My System" button to see what memory your system has.

    Report back

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