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Thread: FX-55 San Diego to AMD 64 3500+ Venice

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    FX-55 San Diego to AMD 64 3500+ Venice

    I was wondering would it be worth it to upgrade the CPU in my HP Pavillion a1130n motherboard from a Socket 939 AMD 64 3500+ Venice CPU to a FX-55 San Diego? The motherboard is the MSI Ms -7093. I have a budget of only $200 and don't overclock. Would I notice a significant difference in speed? I've seen the FX-55 on sale for less than $200 on ebay.
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    This series of charts should answer your question. I personally think that the increase in cycles is not worth the cost. Some people would gladly spend another $200 for the added speed. Also, I am not a gamer.

    I would also worry about purchasing a cpu from an ebay source. Save a couple months and buy from a reliable source. Look at the fx-62 from Tiger Direct for $169 and the Gigabyte MA69VM-S2 motherboard for $69.
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    EFC!!! I am a gamer and would not consider the cost vs the little change that this upgrade would make...what you read there would not be noticeable to the human rule of thumb...if it isn't changing my performance by at least 33% I won't spend the money.

    my current system rocks
    amd athlon 64x2 4400
    ageia physX processor
    nvidia geforce 7600 GT OC pci express
    2 gigs ram

    I am always looking for ways to improve performance but to date I haven't seen anything including the lastest 8800 GPU...for 600.00.. that makes it worth spending any money pixels, polygons, triangles blah blah may consider upgrading after quad core is out from amd(proven performance) then dual vid cards more memory....maybe....when it gets to the point that a game comes out that floats my boat and my system just won't run it...then I will spend the money...til then, if it ain't broke don't fix it...

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