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Thread: Tugboat Network

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    Tugboat Network

    We have two computers and a printer. The topside computer has an air card for internet service. The printer has a broken USB jack and uses ethernet to connect to the lower computer most days. We bought a router and hooked all three to the LAN jacks. The ping tests say that there are devices hooked up and we had some success accessing the topside internet connection using the lower computer and the printer works fine with the lower computer.
    What we can't do is get consistent internet access with the lower computer and we can't seem to get the home networking wizard to offer us a list of the shared folders when it's finished running.
    All of the articles about routers as hubs don't cover our situation so I'm having a hard time weeding out the most basic process to set up this network.
    (What I wanted to do was install the printer on the lower computer and then just connect the two computers by way of the direct ethernet connections. The lower could then just share its printer. The broken printer jack prevents this.)
    This is the part where I ask for help.
    Yes. We're really on a tugboat, anchored between Bellingham and Anacortes for another day or so then off to San Francisco.

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    Is this the same printer discussed another thread LINK?

    Also, is the dammaged usb jack on the printer or on the computer? If it is on the printer you may not be able to resolve this issue. If it is on the computer you should be able to buy a pci usb adapter card to solve the problem. Here is an example LINK.

    Another option to networking your printer is with a print server if your printer does not have an ethernet connection. It is what I use with a 4 computer network of two xp computers and two linux computers. All print with a single click to any software program. Here is the one I am using LINK.
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