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Thread: mozilla freezes

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    mozilla freezes

    I'm thinking it's a small tick I have, and by tick I mean computer bug. I have uninstalled and re-installed Firefox twice now and to no avail. I have been using IE for the past few months and figured I would try the fox again, but it still has the same freezing problem.

    The problem is this: you will be typing a message, like the one I am typing to you right now and the computer will freeze up for just a second or two, just enough to lag behind what you are typing and then will unfreeze so that it will spew out the rest of what you typed real fast. Basically it's playing catchup with itself. IE never does this. This happens with typing, with opening new tabs, with clicking on different tabs to change them, but only in Firefox. All of my programs open fine, the rest of the system is fine.

    What could this be?

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    Mozillazine has a sizable section stating various possible causes for Firefox hanging. I believe that you will find it is your anti-spyware or anti-virus software causing the problem. Read more here.
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