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    AT&T vent

    Sorry, I just need to vent about this.

    I've been a good Southern California AT&T customer for the past 5~8 years. I've paid my bills, haven't been a problem child.

    They recently merged with another telephone company called SBC Global. Since I was alway happy with them, I decided the logical course would be just to let them carry on with my service. This happened in June of this year.

    About the end of August, the wife and I bought a house. So, we packed up and moved. To make sure bills wouldn't be late, I sent off pre-emptive payments (i guesstimated my phone bill off previous months).

    I called AT&T and advised them I'd move (this was on 09/15 because we were 'living' in two places). Because we're in a different wiring area, our number had to change. No problem, just move everything over. I was happy and content thinking it was all taken care of. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

    A problem crept up on 09/20 where I could no longer make calls. At first, I thought it was a problem with the phone lines and let it lie. 2 days later, I HAD to make a call and so I called AT&T.

    I was transferred through 3 departments. Installation, Long distance, and one other. Each time I patiently explained what was happening. And each time after about 30 minutes, they told me that there was nothing wrong and sent me somewhere else. Finally, I got into 'a' Customer Service (I say A because I could've sworn I talked to them before).

    At first, they refused to help me. I needed a 'Customer Number'. This number appears on the bill after your phone number. After explaining to the first representative that I have only lived at the location for a few days and asked how I was to get a bill. They apologized, but still refused to help me. Eventually, I was transferred to another Customer Service Representative.

    Once again, I explained what was occuring. And once again, the Customer number crept up. After much cajoling, I was finally asked for my social number. I gave that and also the amount of the 'pre-emptive' payment and they were able to help. Apparently, I had been disconnected for non-payment. From what I gathered, they never received the pre-emptive payment. The representive sent me to Account Receivables.

    I was transferred to A/R and quickly sent back to Customer Service. I still did not have that elusive Customer Number. I was fortunate that I got the same gentleman. He gave me that golden number and I was sent back to A/R.

    2hours on the phone....

    Spoke with an person in A/R. What appears to have happened was AT&T was nice enough to carry my amount due to the new account, but not the amounts I've paid. I had over $200 on my 'old' account prior to the move, and $135 due on the new account. They were unable to move the amount from my old account to the new account. Fine, I was able to forgive. It was a new number. Although I didn't understand how balances carried forward but they couldn't do it on credits. So I paid the $135 and he transferred me back to Customer Service to get the service turned on.

    2 hours with Customer Service. 2 days of no phone service...fine....get it running. I was also advised that there was a $75 bill out there.

    After getting off the phone, I made a payment using the new account information.

    2 days later, I had phone. All was well in the world......

    Or so I thought.

    09/22....Suddenly, I couldn't make toll or long distance calls. I had a House warming coming up so I couldn't call AT&T and deep down....I was dreading it.

    09/24 I make the call. I find that I have a $400 bill floating around. After talking with Customer Service, not only was AT&T not able to carry credits to new accounts, they were unable to carry the services from one account to another. So for a while there, I had no calling plans and they were charging me at the 'no rate' plan. Fine. The Customer Service backdated my bill and applied the calling plans. $400 became $36 and I was happy. Oh, and my long distance will work in an hour

    An hour long distance...A day later, still no long distance.

    09/25 I call again. No one could find a problem. Everything is fine. They state that it should work in an hour. Also, I started getting calls stating I haven't paid from AT&T about this time.

    09/26 No phone. Still getting collection calls.

    Did not get a chance to call till 09/28. Still got collection calls. Each time I politely tell them that I made the $75 payment from several days ago.

    09/28 I finally call. The golden number that had so eluded me no longer worked. Baffeled, upset, confused, I impolitely asked what had happened. It appears that after the Service Disconnect, that magic number had changed. And once again, AT&T was unable to carry the amount due forward, but not the payments I had studiously applied.

    Upset, no, Furious. I called Time Warner and changed my service.

    So today, I get in the mail roughly $300 in refunds from AT&T from the payments that they were not able to carry forward.

    Sorry. I just needed to get that off my chest.
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    We all need to vent about this kind of B.S. Keeping something like that bottled up inside is a ticking time bomb for a psychotic episode. By the bye... I was using SBC before I moved from Sacramento, I know the pain, I spent a week trying to get my DSL connection correctly installed a few years ago. Dealing with SBC is like getting kicked in the crotch, only less enjoyable. *shakes fist at SBC*

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