The Final BootXP 2.25 version is out before passing the beta test process sucessfully.

What's new

1.- Full compatible with palette change and progress bar reposition in Service Pack 1 Kernel.
2.- Now will "zero index" the Bitmap palette to avoid display problems at boot time.
3.- Fixed a Shareware Window bug when clicked in "Click Now".
4.- Now the BootXP window is resizable.
5.- Now if you have selected the option of change the boot screen automatically when the system starts BootXP will automatically exit after do it (for zero footprint).
6.- Added a "Reset Your Kernel File" button in options page that will be overwrite your LOGOOS.EXE file with a fresh copy of NTOSKRNL.EXE file (useful in case of kernel corruption).
7.- Updated all the URLs to point to "".

You can download the new version here

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