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    Is anyone familiar with this program:

    It's really fascinating but I want to know if it will show how comcast is messing with my utorrent connections. I see connections going on and off and on and off and so on. I don't even have my router hooked up but I'm not connectible according to the torrent group's website software.

    netstat -s | find "Reset Connections"

    I found this batch file:

    Do not proceed to Step 5 until you have completely tested 1,2,3 & 4!

    1) Turn off any other programs on your machine or home network. If you observe an improvement, turn them back on one at a time and note which one causes a drop in performance.

    2) Set your client to use random port assignments. This will bypass some (not all) port filtering.

    3) Change your client to one that includes encryption, it should also allow connection to non-encrypted clients.

    4) Change your online behaviour. Some systems are rule based and others are profile based. With some time and observation, you can determine what works for you.

    Do not run full stream 24by7. Use your scheduler to break up sessions to different times on different days. Set your bandwidth limits to not exceed 70% and then begin lowering them by 10% until the resets go away.

    5) Get a VPN service, some providers are quite reasonably priced. However some sites will not be accessible if you are seen as an anonymous connection. Also, there are reports of VPN's being blocked so this may not work either.

    6) Change your ISP. However this will only fix the problem at your end. It will not help if someone else has a bad connection.

    7) Change your level of service. This is very expensive and unless you have a justifiable business reason, not recommended.

    I hope this has been helpful.
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