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Thread: "Missing features" with dual monitors on ATI 2600?

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    "Missing features" with dual monitors on ATI 2600?

    I got myself a shiny new dual-DVI ATI 2600, and a 2nd monitor. It all works well except that it doesn't allow me to do some pretty obvious things:

    1)I can't make my start-bar span both monitors
    2)I can't tell a program "run on monitor 2" - i have to drag it there

    I used to be able to do both of these about 5 years ago on nVidia cards...
    Also, I thought it was normal these days to make Windows see both monitors as one 2560x1024 area, rather than two 1280x1024 ones?

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    Have you installed the latest drivers and ATI Catalyst control panel?

    I remember ATi had a hydravision application that you could right-click windows and 'send to monitor 2'... not sure if that exists anymore.

    For the extra large screen, you need to select "Extend My Desktop" not 'clone'.


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    you need ultramon to stretch the taskbar onto the other monitor

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