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Thread: Radeon Omega Drivers v4.8.442 (Based on Cat 7.12)

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    Radeon Omega Drivers v4.8.442 (Based on Cat 7.12)

    Omega has released a new modified ATI Catalyst 7.12 based driver suite.

    What's New in Omega Drivers?
    -Based on the Catalyst 7.12 Official drivers.
    -Major video card support rewrite from scratch. This time every Radeon card under the sun should be supported, if the drivers don't install on your card you either have a freak of nature card or a card too new that not even the ATI has support for it. (Many thanks to all the people that sent their unsupported IDs)
    -Added support for desktop HD3k Series and laptop HD2k Series.
    -Experimental Gamma settings. Now whatever gamma setting you set on your desktop should pass on to your 3D applications. (tested with Adobe Gamma)
    -The "temporary" fix for AGP cards still included. Waiting for ATI releases an official fix... *sigh*
    -Upgraded installer to reflect logo/site changes.
    -Upgraded drivers to v4 because of the previous details, plus thanks to a new install method I found, reduced the driver's size by a lot without losing any features or options.

    Radeon Omega Drivers v4.8.442


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    Wonder what the "temporary" fix for AGP cards is all about.

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