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Thread: Roxio Slideshow Problem

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    Question Roxio Slideshow Problem

    Hello everyone I have a problem with Roxio burning a photo slide show VCD / DVD or SVSD cd. When I select all my photos and back ground music and tell the project to burn it just hangs there during the encoding process. Will not move past 0% I have check my fire wall setting to make sure the application have full access with my system. Also install Microsoft Codec pack to make sure that was there. Has anyone seen this problem before? Also the program was able to burn a normal CD and DVD project, Iím thinking it may be a problem within the operating system but Iím at a loss on trying to solve this one. The version of Roxio Iím running is:

    Roxio Easy CD and DVD Burning
    Version: 9.0.554
    Build: 905B54T, R01

    and im using Windows XP pro SP 2

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    Is Roxio the same people who make the Sonic suite of burning apps? Check for compatibility with Windows Burning feature, but also DLA stuff... Also, try burning with no other apps running (such as WMP)... it seems like an 'engine' conflict.

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    it could also be the format your pictures and/or music are in, might want to convert the pics to jpg/gif/bmp, your music might need to be in wav format, or mp3 might be encoded a vbr and ya need cbr, or its too high encoded 320k, might wanna drop it down to 128/192k

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