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Thread: Comcast admits to throttling BitTorrent

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    Comcast admits to throttling BitTorrent

    Comcast has explained its controversial practice of limiting peer-to-peer traffic in a filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

    The US cable provider claimed that it had limited traffic on peer-to-peer networks in an effort to free up bandwidth for all users.

    "The carefully lim...


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    If you encrypt your torrents, how can they tell that it is a torrent?

    The article said millions of channels. What are they?

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    I think encrypted torrents do make it harder for ISPs to detect what is actually being transmitted.. but all the have to do is block all ports except for 80 for WebTraffic (this would be extreme scenario)...

    I think there are a few standard ports that BT uses for data control (like Tracker Announces etc)...

    The thing is though, ISPs can track any traffic passing through their network... a simple sniffer on their router could detect P2P.

    Hopefully out of this, ComCast stop throttling!

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