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Thread: how can dialup modem drivers be loaded w/out cd

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    how can dialup modem drivers be loaded w/out cd


    i have a win xp pro pc with a conexant d850 56k v.9x dfvc dial up modem that i received used about 6 months ago. i was having problems connecting today so i took the modem out, stuck it back in, the pc wants to "add hardware" but now i have 2 problems with that. one option for adding hardware is to connect to the internet and download the drivers....hmmm...i can't connect to the internet without the modem. second option for adding hardware is to put in some kind of cd for the drivers(which i do not have.) my question do i do this? can i use a different pc, go to a modem driver website, download the updates to a cd and then do the "add hardware with cd"?? or should i just go to walmart and get a new dial up modem?? any help would be appreciated.

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    g'day JD,

    you've actually got a couple of options (besides purchasing a new Modem)...
    1. If all you've done is taken out the PCI card and inserted into a PCI slot, then you should be able - when the "add hardware" wizard starts is let windows automatically detect your drivers (as the drivers will still be loaded in the windows directory)
    2. Sometimes if you do #1, windows only loads the basic conexant drivers and not the 'real' drivers you orginally loaded. So go into "System Devices", right click the 'modem' and update driver... click "Install from Location" then click "Don't install, I'll choose"... the next screen should have a list of your original driver
    3. If this fails, then your best bet would download the latest drivers for your modem from the manufacturer's website (i.e. Swann, Netcomm, Dlink etc etc)... you won't need to burn to CD, but can copy onto a USB Flash drive or whatever you need to transfer it to your computer.
    4. Once you have the new drivers, go to Device Manager and 'update driver'... this time click "Have Disk..." and point windows to your USB drive.

    Good luck with it... let us know how you go.

    Cheers and Welcome to Techzonez!

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