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Thread: ATI Catalyst 9.1 Driver Suite (XP/XP MCE/x64/Vista)

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    ATI Catalyst 9.1 Driver Suite (XP/XP MCE/x64/Vista)

    The unified Catalyst software suite delivers a full software solution for supported Microsoft Windows operating systems.

    The Catalyst Software Suite 9.1 contains the following:

    Radeon display driver 8.573
    HydraVision for both Windows XP and Vista
    HydraVision Basic Edition (Windows XP only)
    WDM Driver Install Bundle
    Southbridge/IXP Driver
    Catalyst Control Center Version 8.573

    ATI Catalyst 9.1

    ATI homepage

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    For release notes, try:

    Else visit driver homepage (akamai is a bit dodgy these days).

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