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Thread: Copy multiple identities from PC to PC

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    Copy multiple identities from PC to PC

    I currently have a laptop and a desktop using OE. Each has four identities which are named the same. However, I have used the laptop to access emails at one time and the desktop another time. This results my having to go between the 2 PCs to access saved emails. I would like to copy all emails from one PC to the other to consolidate.

    Further, the above PCs are using XP SP2 for an OS. I am getting a new laptop to replace both that has Vista Home Premium 64 bit. I will be installing MS Office 2003 on the new laptop. How can I copy all the emails mentioned above to the new laptop?

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    Export the mail to a storage device (USB stick, etc) then transfer to the other machine using the Import option.

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    It is amazing to see there are a larger number of OE users... guess i been spoilt with Outlook and Gmail.

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