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Thread: Refurbished HP PC, XP won't start

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    Refurbished HP PC, XP won't start

    Hello folks;

    Please help me. I recently bought refurbished HP PC from an online auction. It came with the claim that XP pro was freshly installed on it. However, as I turn on the PC, the screen goes black and the message "Cannot display this video mode" appears.

    When I try to start it in safe mode by pressing F8 key, I get message, "Windows cannot run in safe, system will restart".

    Please help me find the solution. Thanks.

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    Most refurbished computers come with a 90 day warranty. They also come with recovery disks. I am assuming that your auction source did not provide these.

    Go to LINK to obtain recovery disks for HP and Compaq computers. The correct disk for your computer contains drivers for the components in your machine.

    If you can't do that due to identification, or other reason, I hope that you have a parts closet containing components from previous computers.

    You can open the computer and identify the motherboard. You can then do a google search for appropriate drivers.

    You could install a video card that is compatible with the motherboard. Older computers are likely to need an AGP card.

    You did not mention beep codes so I am assuming that there are none when you start the computer. I am sorry to say that that usually means that the computer could not accomplish a self test. That usually means major components are not working, ie, MB or CPU.

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