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Thread: Joining two computers

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    Joining two computers


    I am wondering if this is possible?

    As i have a new computer that i have bought, and i am wondering if it is possible to join this to my old computer base unit with a ribbon cable?
    Because i have seen a picture of this being done, but i am just wondering if i would be able to do it in my case?

    As i would like to fill the old computer case with maybe four hard drives, which would accessed from my new computer.


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    Well you could use a or you can buy a switch or router for possible further expansion. The cheapest way to go would be with a cross over cable if you are just wanting to have a 2 computer network.

    Here is a site that might help you out.
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    I think he was trying to use the old PC case as a HD storage (like external USB HD) case... I think it should be able to work, however several things to consider.

    1. Power - You might be able to use the old PSU, but not sure if it 'powers' up with only HDs and no motherboard.
    2. Length of IDE or SATA cables - You are limited to 12" or similar for the length of the cables to connect from your motherboard to the old PC case... perhaps stacking the 2 PC cases could reduce the distance.
    3. Complexity - With the price of LARGE HDs these days, you're better off buying an External USB / eSata case and fitting a 2TB drive or something.

    Overall, it comes down to your desired usage? Want to run a DataCentre then you'll plenty of space for many HDs.

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