to tweak my system i used cacheman 5.1 tweak ui 1.33 norton speed disk, norton windocter, and i turn off the beauty of xp plus the wallpaper (only during benchmarking)also another little handy app is tweak all for sytems with low mem and a slow cable connection (like the one i use at collage) it is a nasty little htign that can barely keep up wit my typing speeds, but thas okay thats wht tweak all is for it bossted its free mem from lki 4 megs to 45 and kept it steady the refresh ewas horrid bu htiers noting i could do with a sis 2x so i sped the net up a little and it doesnt lg as bad with view web pages, you can get all these apps from except tweak ui 1.33 wich youd have to go to