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Thread: Full OEM SP3?

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    Question Full OEM SP3?

    Hi All

    I've been hunting around for some time now, looking for a genuine Microsoft XP Pro OEM CD with integrated SP3. I've got a hold of a Home Edition SP3, but not Pro. I've got a slip-streamed version with SP3 in it, but I'd really like a "proper" one. Also, I don't want one of those pirate VLP ones that are on the torrent sites. I've contacted several of my suppliers, and they refuse to send me a copy (why, I can't imagine: the CD is useless without a key...). I've also contacted Microsoft, and they've ignored me!

    So, how do I get a legit OEM copy of Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP3?


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    Was there a proper XP SP3 release? I thought SP3 actually needed SP2 to be installed first? unlike SP2 which included SP1... know what i mean?

    Probably best bet would be someone with MSDN subscription... they're always getting updated software, and a slip-streamed DVD would be for 'IT Pros'...

    Good luck tho!

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    I am unaware of whether MS actually released XP w/SP3 in it. I've never seen one anyways.

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