Samsung has unveiled dual-screen digital cameras that make it easier for people to take pictures of themselves alone or with friends.

The TL220 and TL225, introduced Thursday, come with a 1.5-inch LCD on the front and a touch screen on the back. The front display lets the photographer see what the camera sees in positioning the device for a self portrait or when mugging for the camera with pals.

Another ease-of-use feature is activating the camera's self-portrait mode by a single tap on the back LCD. The cameras' smile detection technology makes it possible for photographers to take pictures of themselves by simply tapping and smiling, according to Samsung.

Both cameras have 12.2-megapixel sensors, a 4.6x lens, and a 720p video recorder. The TL225 has a 3.5-inch wide touch screen in the back, while the TL220 has a smaller 3-inch display. Both cameras have a 27-mm wide-angle Schneider Kreuznach lens.

Full story: InformationWeek