Microsoft said Monday that it plans in a week to end an offer that allowed those buying Windows 7 in Europe to get the full version of the operating system for the price normally charged for the upgrade version.

Those who want to pre-order the full version for the upgrade price have until Aug. 31 to do so, Microsoft said in a blog posting. After Sept. 1, users will be able to order an upgrade version or pay a higher price for the full version, which does not require an earlier version of Windows be installed.

The discounted full version dates back to Microsoft's original plan to deliver Windows 7 in Europe in a special "E" version without a browser. At that time, Microsoft said it would not do an upgrade version, but would instead offer the full version of Windows 7 at upgrade pricing.

However, amid widespread criticism and indications the browserless options wouldn't fly with European regulators, Microsoft said last month it would scrap that plan and instead allow users in Europe to choose which browsers they want from a ballot screen.

Microsoft said it is still working out the details on that front. "I hope to continue to keep people updated on our ballot screen proposal as we have more to share," Microsoft blogger Brandon LeBlanc said in Monday's posting.

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