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Thread: Users abandon XP for Vista, Windows 7

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    Users abandon XP for Vista, Windows 7

    Maybe people are actually starting to tire of Microsoft's eight-year-old Windows XP.

    According to Web measurement company Net Applications, which tracks the operating systems used by a pool of about 160 million unique Web site visitors, Windows XP's share of the OS usage market fell 1.1 percentage points during August, tying its November 2008 record drop.

    Windows XP's fall doesn't mean that the aged operating system is less than dominant: It accounted for 71.8% of all OSes used by the people who visited the 40,000-some sites that Net Applications monitors for clients.

    But the record decline was matched by near-record, or record, increases in the usage share of Windows Vista, XP's 2007 successor, and the not-yet-officially-released Windows 7.

    Vista's share climbed 0.9 of a percentage point last month, ending August with an 18.8% share, an all-time high. August's jump was the largest for Vista since June 2008, when it gained a full percentage point of share.

    Windows 7, meanwhile, increased by 0.3 of a percentage point to close the month at 1.2%, the first time the unreleased operating system has broken the 1% mark.

    Full story: Computerworld

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    Personally I believe that the increase in Vista use is purely due to the fact that it ships on any new computer purchased these days. People took it just because it was already there.
    I am really surprised tho at how small a usage percent that Linux showed on the report. I would have thought it more than 0.94%.

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    Perhaps the Linux users where smart enough not to go to the simple websites tracked by NetApplications

    Not sure how many business PCs the Survey tracked, but the company i work for has nearly 5000 pcs ALL with XP...

    Does anyone know any big businesses with their client workstations running linux? I know some server clusters are linux, but for the general user?

    What do you think?

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