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Thread: Samsung Unveils Nvidia-Powered M1 Media Player

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    Samsung Unveils Nvidia-Powered M1 Media Player

    Samsung on Thursday unveiled the M1, a portable media player powered by the Nvidia Tegra processor.

    The M1 will be available in late September. It features 720p high-definition video playback, active matrix OLED display, wireless mobile games in 2D and 3D, advanced audio functionality, and an intuitive, Flash-based 3D user interface.

    The Tegra processor includes eight individual processors on one chip, including those for video, graphics, audio, and two ARM cores, which Nvidia said would work to minimize power consumption.

    "The Samsung M1 delivers hours of pure entertainment anytime, anywhere," Michael Rayfield, general manager of Nvidia's mobile business, said in a statement. "We worked with Samsung to ensure consumers get incredible HD, a unique UI and excellent battery life."

    PC Magazine

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    Wow, I thought it was 'nuclear' powered Media!

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