AMD's upcoming laptop platforms will be branded to match the different situations in which buyers will typically use them. The new Vision brand will make it easier for customers to identify which laptops have the necessary performance for particular tasks, with a focus on video.

The company will today unveil a refresh of its mainstream laptop platform, codenamed Tigris, along with the second-generation ultra-thin platform, the successor to Yukon, which launched earlier this year. The first models are due to arrive at the same time as Windows 7.

AMD's Vision brand is split into three tiers based on buyers' expectations of a laptop, the idea being to assure customers that the system they are buying offers the performance to meet their needs.

Entry-level Vision laptops are good for everyday tasks such as browsing and watching video online, while those labelled Vision Premium meet the hardware specifications for "media consumers" who watch high-definition video and convert videos to watch on a portable player, for example.

The Vision Ultimate brand, meanwhile, covers laptops with the highest specifications, capable of creating and editing high-definition video and playing demanding 3D games.

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