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Thread: Getting a New MOBO Not reinstalling XP

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    Getting a New MOBO Not reinstalling XP

    Alfred Poor's Computer Cures article in the June, 2002 issue of "Computer Shopper" said you could install a new motherboard without having to reinstall the operating system (and everything else!) by hacking the registry! For Win98, just delete the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ENUM folder (subkey), which contains all your hardware settings, just before you shut down for the new installation. It says Win98 will then detect the new hardware and rebuild the registry key when you boot up for the first time

    However, I have WinXP Pro installed , so I had to do some digging in the registry. I did a Find (Ctrl + F) for "asus", the brand name of the old mobo, and found all the hardware settings under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE. Of course, I backed up everything, did a Restore Point with the intact registry, deleted the registry key and did a second Restore Point, then shut down to install the new mobo. When I tried to boot to Windows the first time, it got caught in a cycle of rebooting; I got a DOS-type window with three different options in Safe Mode, using a Restore Point or a normal boot to Windows. No matter which option I took, it still rebooted. Sooo, I booted with the WinXP CD and took the (new) Installation path until I came to the Repair option. I was happy to find that afterwards, when it booted to the desktop after the Repair, all the clutter on the desktop was still there, plus, I had a working firewall, antivirus, etc.! The first thing I did was go to the Windows Update site where I had to get all the updates - a *very* small price to pay compared to reinstalling everything. When I opened Outlook Express, all of the e-mail downloaded with absolutely no problem and all of the e-mail, subfolders and preferences where intact; although I *did* have to go through the Message Rules and reassign the subfolders I had set up for e-mail to be sorted into! Tomorrow I'll go through and recheck all the other settings I haven't checked, but it's working just fine for now. Victory!!!!

    This tip certainly takes the "dread-factor" out of installing a new mobo so I hope you'll make a note of it for future reference if you ever plan this upgrade. It saved me a 24- to 36-hour reinstall marathon! HeHe!
    These directions are from a close friend.


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    I've never had to do anything other than just stick the new board in and let XP have at it.....

    I took my HD out of my comp and stuck it in a comp that was at the total extreme as what it came out of , I mean all was diffrent...AMD to Intel...Nvidia to ATI...ASUS to MSI & so on...XP detected all new and ran like a champ. Stuck it back in original comp and all reverted back to normal

    The only time I've had to re-activate XP is if I changed the HD.

    I guess thing's might be different for other people & I'm weird so maybe this is just another weird thing that happens to me but I'm happy for it

    Anyway nice Tip in case I need it some day Thanks

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    Alfred Poor is the man in my book. His word is Gospel in this house.

    I read the same, and tried it a few times, always worked out well with Win 98. I will have to try it with XP when the chance arises.

    I saved your post. Thanks!
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