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Thread: Spammers like Idaho best of all

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    Spammers like Idaho best of all

    No one is quite sure why, but Idaho now gets spammed a little more heavily than any other state in the U.S.

    "Looking at the e-mail traffic that's being sent to business users in that particular state, 93.8% of all their e-mail traffic will be spam," said Paul Wood, a senior analyst with Symantec's MessageLabs group, which released research on the topic Thursday. "That's actually higher than the global spam average."

    So far this month, the average spam rate, globally, is 86.4%, meaning that of every 100 messages that arrive at a company's e-mail server, 86 of them will be spam. The average business gets about 60 spam messages per employee per day, Wood said.

    Other states that seem to be spam magnets are Kentucky, New Jersey, Alabama and Illinois. On the other end of the scale, Puerto Rico, Montana, Alaska, Kansas and South Dakota are now the least-spammed regions of the country. In Puerto Rico, 83.1% of messages are spam.

    Full story: Computerworld

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