An online retailer today unveiled prices for OEM editions of Windows 7, listing them at discounts of between 45% and 55% off Microsoft's "full" editions -- and pricing them below the upgrades slated to hit shelves next month. priced the OEM edition of Windows 7 Home Premium at $99.99, 50% off Microsoft's suggested list price of $199.99 for the full version of the new operating system, and 17% less than the $119.99 price of the same edition's "upgrade."

The online retailer priced the OEM editions of Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate at $134.99 and $174.99, respectively, 55% and 45% under the list prices of the same full editions.

Windows 7 Professional OEM was the bargain of the three editions compared to the price for an upgrade copy, selling at Newegg for 33% less than the $199.99 Microsoft charges. Ultimate OEM, meanwhile, was priced 20% under Microsoft's suggested list of $219.99 for an upgrade.

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