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Thread: Google's 11th Birthday Gift: Another Odd Logo

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    Google's 11th Birthday Gift: Another Odd Logo

    The eleventh birthday tends to be a bit anticlimactic: You entered the double digits last year, and it will be a couple more before you've got the whole teenage thing to contend with. One can only imagine the manner of celebration a company like Google will be able to generate for its Bar Mitzvah. In the meantime, the company is content to celebrate this year a bit more quietly.

    Yesterday Google rolled out a misspelled doodle: For one day only, the company was "Googlle." Two Ls for the big 11--a bit more understated than last year's cupcake in the O. Of course, a company's birthday isn't quite so cut and dried. Larry Page and Sergey Brin first teamed up to form a company back in January 1996; was registered in September 1997; and the company was incorporated on September 4th of the following year.

    Whatever the precise date may be, the company has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time, from a search engine algorithm developed by two Stanford students to a global corporation valued at around $31.9 billion.

    Full story: PC Magazine

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    WOW. Its been 11 yrs. since I used Yahoo search engine.

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    Altavista baby!

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