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Thread: Facebook deals with missing accounts, 150,000 angry users

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    Facebook deals with missing accounts, 150,000 angry users

    After a database problem knocked out the accounts of about 150,000 Facebook users for more than a week, the social networking site said today that most are now back up and running.

    Despit the fix, many of the 150,000 users affected by the problem are still expressing frustration and anger with the social network.

    The account problems were caused by "several technical issues" with a single database, Brandee Barker, a Facebook spokeswoman, told Computerworld in an e-mail. Barker didn't provide details on what caused the problem, but said that the issues have been corrected.

    "Our engineering team has worked around the clock, and as of yesterday, all of these users should have full access to their Facebook accounts," wrote Barker, who also noted that the 150,000 accounts affected by the "technical issues" only make up 0.05% of Facebook's 300 million users. "We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused and we are taking additional measures to uphold the reliability users come to expect from Facebook."

    However, while the accounts may be back, some users' friend lists, photos, postings and other personal information are still missing.

    Full story: Computerworld

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    ouch. Losing data seems to be all the rage these days...

    T-Mobile: we probably lost all your Sidekick data

    Linky to story

    T-Mobile says all missing Sidekick data lost for good

    Linky #2

    Microsoft Confirms Data Recovery for Sidekick Users

    Microsoft apologizes here
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    Lets just hope the banks don't have the same problem... Although there was a case in New Zealand where 10million got transferred INTO someone's account... don't think they found them yet... still yachting in the Caribbean!

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