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Thread: Office 2010 hitting public beta in November

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    Office 2010 hitting public beta in November

    Microsoft has revealed that Office and SharePoint 2010 will hit public beta in November.

    "The public beta will open November. We don't have a specific date, we'll be announcing that much closer to the launch, but we're on track to deliver [Office and Sharepoint 2010] in the first half of 2010," Steve Marsh, SharePoint's UK Product Manager told PC Pro.

    Marsh refused to be pinned down on whether Microsoft would limit downloads of the public beta. "There's no details on whether that will be time-stamped, so people will have it for a month and then it'll be taken away.

    "All I know is that we're on track to deliver in 2010, and there'll be a Release Candidate, which gives you an idea of the time scale we'll be looking at," said Marsh.

    Full story: PC Pro

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    I've been using the Tech Release and I think when the RC comes out should be pretty cool. I really like the new outlook. It combines conversations kinda like Gmail and setting up rules are a breeze. inserting pictures come up with its own editing tools,...k I will stop now starting to sound like a PC commercial.

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    FYI... The Key for the Tech Preview can be used to activate Beta 2 of Office 2010. Now, if I could only remember what I did with my copy of the tech preview. With all of the things I am forgetting as of late, you would think I was a "blond"

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    W7 and Office2k10 should be a good combo!

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