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Thread: Windows XP Pro Networking problem

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    Windows XP Pro Networking problem

    I did post this before it resolved itself but its happened again.............

    I think its an XP problem, not a network problem as such.

    Help! I can't see my network. It may be since I installed NFS on another PC on the network.
    I get the message "Htnetwork is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this resource."
    I thought the network name was originally all upper case?

    I ran the wizard again but no luck this time. I'm not experienced or confident enough to delve any deeper into what the problem may be.

    It may be that when I turn the PC on that has NFS installed on it "something" affects this one, perhaps, maybe......

    Any help appreciated.

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    for windows the network is not case sensitive. As for NFS, it is usually for unix like OS, is your other machine a Linux machine? Windows uses the SMB protocol.
    Where do you get the error message from?
    have you try using UNC path to access the machine directly? lets say your other windows machine is pc-01, then you do from the run command (or from the address bar in windows explorer)
    that should display the shared folders.
    Now, if you are trying to browse the network using NFS, this is another story.
    First of all, make sure that file and printer sharing exception on the firewall is enabled.
    Try to ping the other machine, and from the other machine to the windows XP.
    If you can give more information about the network, then probably I could be a more specific

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    After lots of playing around I believe I have sorted out the problem. *Something* was messing with PCTools Firewall on PC1 when I booted up PC2. I took it off and all has been well so far. Just using Windows firewall now.

    My set up is as follows.........

    Cellar play room,

    PC1 XP Pro (Main PC for email, web etc.) The ethernet port is bust so using a Belkin USB to Ethernet Adapter.
    PC2 XP Home (Mainly used for video editing but has 1TB USB Drive hosting all my movies) This PC also has NFS on it.
    Maxtor NAS Box (mainly used for backups)

    These are networked together using an old Origo Router With a 50 metre Cat5 cable to...


    Netgear DGN 2000 ADSL Router

    Laptop Vista Basic Wireless "N"
    Original XBOX running XBMC
    WDTV for Hi Def TV, networked with a Belkin USB to Ethernet Adapter (Testing alternate firmware which uses NFS, hence the NFS share on PC2)

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