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Thread: small size print in email, when it should be regular

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    small size print in email, when it should be regular

    I'm running Win XP (home), with Outlook Express.

    Typing along just fine in email, and everything's good. Print is right size, etc.

    One message comes out in real fine print. It's in regular print onscreen, and should be, as it's part of my saved stuff.

    Now why would this one come out in real fine print?

    I've been into my Brother printer (mfc-290C) and set it to automatically adjust to a page.

    A girl at Brother says I open my message, and don't have any way to "fix" my problem, because I don't have a "page setup" in my FILE when message is opened.

    Just curious as to what's going on. Anyway to fix this?

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    Have you tried to increase the font size. Tools > options > compose.

    When you saved that message the format may have been adjusted, therefore every time you open it it will remember the saved format regardless of what your default settings are.

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