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Thread: California man gets $22,000 cell phone bill from Verizon

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    California man gets $22,000 cell phone bill from Verizon

    Ted Estarija is an accountant by trade and is therefore experienced in wading through lengthy contracts and culling out important details. Yet, somehow he forgot to check the box next to "unlimited data" when he signed a new cellular contract for his teenage son.

    With the additional phone, he expected his cell phone bill to be a little higher this month. He was stunned when he opened his monthly bill and saw it totaled nearly $22,000.

    "When I saw my Verizon bill, I was like, 'Wow!'" he said.

    Estarija’s average bill is $93.79, but his data-hungry 13 year old son was able to run up $21,917.59 in data usage charges. It appears that his son downloaded 14 million kilobytes of data last month. The data usage was not covered under his plan.

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    I think 14 million thousand bytes would have sounded a lot better, although 14GB would have sufficed... phfff non-tech journos! So dramatizing!

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