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Thread: Illegal file sharing still rife

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    Illegal file sharing still rife

    Illegal file sharing levels are still not declining, despite a recent crackdown by the government, according to new research from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI).

    The trade body interviewed over 3,000 UK respondents aged 16 to 54, and found that 1,012 were downloading or filesharing music on peer-to-peer networks or from other web sources.

    While levels of illegal file sharing remained pretty much the same throughout 2009, the BPI warned of an increase in the use of web-based or "non-P2P" methods during the past six months.

    The biggest increases in use came from overseas unlicensed MP3 pay sites (47 per cent), newsgroups (42 per cent), MP3 search engines (28 per cent) and forum, blog and board links to cyberlockers (18 per cent).

    Full story:

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    you can't keep a good file sharer down

    ill be back soon,
    just watching some paint dry.

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    What they don't tell you is the actual numbers... statistics can be bent to say anything... wow, 47 percent increase went from 4 to 6 people... while iTunes ONLY had a 5% growth... from 1,000,000 people, so an extra 50,000 people!!

    While 100% of all writers of this post thinks RIAA needs to update their business model!

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