Anyone have any experience ont he Win32 Netsky virus?

Really could use some help. I have XP and it hit me this morning with all of the popups telling me to run Windows Virus 2010 and such. It also corrupted my browser because every time a do a search for the virus it takes me to advertising sites.

The only reason I know the name is because I got a popup at the beginning of my Windows Start up informing of the virus.

I normally use adaware but it wone even let it complete a scan before restarting it.

I also tried safe mode and cant get into it. Tried system restore and I get an error message saying it is disabledand I may have a virus. I also tried task manager to cease the process on the program running the virus and I even get an error with trying to start that up.

I heard the windows removal tool (for malicious software) would get rid of it but even after I install it it will not run.

Any hel would be appreciated.