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Thread: ISP Slays Hollywood Studios

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    ISP Slays Hollywood Studios

    The giants of the film industry have lost their case against Australian-based ISP iiNet in a landmark judgement handed down in the Federal Court today.

    The decision had the potential to profoundly impact internet users and the internet industry as it sets a legal precedent surrounding how much ISPs are required to do to prevent customers from downloading movies and other content illegally.

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    Damn the Man!

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    Qne for the good guys.

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    people would buy more DVD if there weren't so much junk 5.99 DVDs out there.
    A 3 year old movie cost 10. A B and under movie cost 5.99.
    Hello Hollywood. After 1 year your great hit should cost 10, and start depreciating from there.
    Transformers 2 still cost 25 in FYE. I would only pay maybe 15 now for the movie.

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