Microsoft today said it had restarted distribution of a security update that had crippled some Windows PCs last month with reboot problems and Blue Screen of Death error screens.

The update, dubbed MS10-015, originally shipped on Feb. 9, but was pulled from Windows Updates' automatic update two days later after complaints flooded Microsoft's support forum from users whose machines refused to restart after they had installed the patch. The affected PCs shuddered to a stop at the blue screen which indicates a serious software error and crash in Windows.

Within a week, Microsoft announced that only PCs infected with the "Alureon" rootkit were incapacitated by MS10-015. It denied that there was any flaw in the security update itself.

"Today Microsoft resumed the distribution of MS10-015 to Windows customers through Automatic Update," Jerry Bryant, a senior manager with the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC), said in an e-mail. "The bulletin includes added detection logic for consumer and enterprise customers that searches for indications of the Alureon rootkit. If detection logic included in Automatic Update discovers abnormal conditions in certain operating system file configurations, the update will fail and customers will be presented with an error message that offers alternative support options. If this occurs, Microsoft customer support will work with impacted customers to resolve each issue."

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