Intel will bring out a 3.6-GHz, Westmere-class Xeon server chip in February 2011 that could flirt with 4.0GHz without overclocking courtesy of the chip giantís built-in Turbo Boost technology, according to an Intel product roadmap chart obtained by CRN.

The Xeon X5687 is a 32-nanometer, quad-core processor that is part of a big update to Santa Clara, Calif.-based Intelís Xeon 5600 series of dual-socket server chips that is planned for early next year. The X5687 has 12MB of L3 cache, eight compute threads and draws 130 watts of power.

The coming Xeon 5600 series release also includes a 3.46-GHz, six-core processor, the Xeon 5690, also with 12MB of L3 cache and sitting in the 130W thermal envelope.

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