Thanks to a number of new HDTV and Blu-ray players, 3D technology seems about ready to explode into the world's living rooms. Without the ability to create 3D content, however, those methods for consumption aren't worth a whole lot. Late Tuesday night, Panasonic announced that it will be bringing that capability to consumers with the forthcoming HDC-SDT750.

The device, according to Panasonic, is the "world's first consumer 3D camcorder," thanks to a 3D conversion lens. The lens records images for the left and right eyes simultaneously through two lenses. Both sides are recorded at 960 x 1080 pixels.

When the lens in unattached, the camcorder can also shoot 1080p hi-def in AVHD. The HDC-SDT750 also features a Leica Dicomar lens, 12x optical zoom, and a Time Lapse recording video, allowing the user to record at intervals of on second, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, one minute, or two minutes.

Full story: PC Magazine