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Thread: Windows 2000 & Xp Audio Optimization Guide

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    Windows 2000 & Xp Audio Optimization Guide

    Optimizing Windows 2000 and Windows XP for Audio
    Posted by waddy on 19 Oct 2002 - 16:00

    This is an excellent .pdf file sent in by moonboy and created by Daniel Keller, TASCAM Sr. Product Specialist !

    It covers tons of important tips and tweaks as well as many guides.

    "Windows defaults to continual logging of Input and Output data to your hard drive.
    Disabling this will free up some resources. To disable performance logging, go to the
    Start menu and select Run. Type in diskperf -n and hit Okay.
    Write Behind Caching

    Windows defaults to write-behind caching, holding data in a memory buffer before
    writing it to disk. Disabling this function will increase your system performance by writing
    data immediately to disk. To disable this function, right click on My Computer and
    choose Properties, or open Control Panel and select System. Select the Hardware tab
    and click the Device Manager button. Click the 'plus' sign next to Disk Drives and select
    a drive. Choose Properties and uncheck 'Write Cache Enabled'. Repeat for all drives in
    your system."

    Thanks to for releasing this great guide on audio optimization for windows 2000 and XP.

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    Hhhmm, mine is already like that by default. Might it be because of Intel Application Accelerator?

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