Several music organizations, including the Recording Industry Association of America, penned a Wednesday letter to Google encouraging the company to include protections against copyright infringement and child pornography in its net neutrality plan.

The groups said they were "deeply interested" in Google's joint policy proposal with Verizon as it relates to protecting copyrighted content.

"The Internet has become a crucial part of the music discovery process and a central platform for commerce," the groups wrote in a letter to Google chief executive Eric Schmidt. "Our ability to invest in and create the next generation of music is grounded on crafting Internet policies and procedures that respect intellectual property."

Any Internet policy must allow ISPs to "take measures to deter unlawful activity such as copyright infringement and child pornography," they wrote.

The Google-Verizon plan would protect the tenets of net neutrality, or an open Internet, on the Web, but would not extend that protection to the wireless industry. Exemptions would also be available to any non-Internet related service a broadband provider might decide to provide in the future.

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