With an eye on the holiday selling season, Apple on Wednesday announced an overhaul of its iconic iPod line of media players, a revamp of its underperforming Apple TV box, and a new social media network in iTunes.

In a widely anticipated announcement, Apple cut the price of Apple TV to $99, down from $229. It will be available in four weeks.

Many companies are looking to bring Internet entertainment to the living room with set-top boxes and other initiatives, including rival Google, which is expected soon to launch Google TV with several partners.

Apple TV, which had offered movies for sale, is now rental only —including first run movies for $4.99, and TV show episodes from ABC, Fox, Disney Channel and BBC America for 99 cents.

The new Apple box is dramatically smaller than the previous version, at one fourth the size. By going to a rental model, consumers won't have to deal with managing the hard drive of the unit, because everything will be streamed.

Consumers "don't want a computer on their TV; they go to their TVs to be entertained," Apple CEO Steve Jobs said at a preview event in San Francisco.

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